One Hour Enamel Topcoat - Clear Satin

One Hour Enamel Topcoat - Clear Satin

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90% cured in 4 hours.

Fully cured in 14 days.

Return to normal service next day.

More difficult to sand due to fast cure time. Better and faster water ring resistance.

Non-yellowing. Enamel-like resin that is slightly amber cast. Should not yellow but a slight color change could be noticed when applying over a bright white.

Sprays beautifully at 100% strength. Do not dilute.

Use a quality, synthetic brush. Do not overwork. Has some self-leveling capabilities.

Roller not recommended.

Super fast cure time.

Quick return to service. Superior water ring resistance. Suited for outdoor use. Choice of 3 sheens.
Industrial strength.

Supreme abrasion resistance. Very low VOC’s.